DiskSweeper FREE

DiskSweeper FREE

DiskSweeper FREE is a program which removes unnecessary files
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DiskSweeper FREE is a disk cleaning program which finds and removes unnecessary files from your disk.
The program is able to clean temporary files, backup files, installation leftover files and many other garbage files.

Alternatively, it can be setup to clean audio/video files (mp3,mp4,dat etc), graphics files (jpg,gif,ico etc.), clean the Internet cache and cookies or remove zero size files.

The program has a built-in list of files that are considered junk files. You can use that list to look for those known junk files, in order to wipe them out of your drives.

There are other two lists of files to delete: Media files and Graphic Files. These lists can be used if you don´t mind to delete music or images in your hard disk, or if you want to select what to keep and what to delete.

By default, the program selects all your physical drives, but you can choose not to scan some of them, or map and add a network drive.

After the scanning, the program shows you a list of found files, for you to decide what files to keep, if any.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a useful tool for cleaning your drives from garbage


  • It hangs frequently
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